Awards at the Medical Augmented Reality Summer School

From 30 August to 10 September 2021, a team from our group participated in the second edition of the Medical Augmented Reality Summer School. The international online event brought scientists, clinicians and colleagues from industry together to listen to exciting talks on the topic of medical augmented reality. The Summer School was organized by scientists and clinicians from Balgrist University Hospital, the Technical University of Munich, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, and the University of Zurich.

During the Summer School, our team, consisting of Josefine Schreiter, Lovis Schwenderling, Florian Heinrich, Fabian Joeres and Danny Schott, developed the project idea "Vision2042". The team took on the challenge of exploring possibilities of AR-supported supervision of autonomous, robotic interventions of the future already with today's technology. This project was awarded with a 3rd place in the category "Augmented Reality for computer-assisted interventions in orthopaedics and trauma surgery" as well as the Best Presentation Award.

Submission video: