STIMULATE at CARS Conference

The Forschungscampus STIMULATE and the INKA project are represented with six scientific contributions at the International Congress of Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS) from June 24 to 27, 2015 in Barcelona. Furthermore, the program committee selected the papers of STIMULATE PhD students Thomas Hoffmann and André Mewes for publication in the “International Journal of Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery“. 

The CARS is one of the most important conferences worldwide in the field of computer-assisted radiology and surgery. Since more than 25 years, it constitutes a central interface between scientists, industry representatives and clinical users. The scientists from Magdeburg presented the following talks at the conference:

Investigation of endovascular OCT for imaging of intracranial aneurysms
T. Hoffmann, S. Glaßer, A. Boese, K. Brandstädter, T. Kalinski, O. Beuing, M. Skalej

A gesture-controlled projection display for CT-guided interventions
A. Mewes, P. Saalfeld, Riabikin, M. Skalej, C. Hansen

Prototype shielded balloon catheter for interventional rhenium-188 radiation therapy during handheld SPECT/US hybrid imaging/biopsy procedure
M. Friebe, A. Boese, P. Huendorf, O. Buck

Hybrid interventional imaging for non-surgical sentinel lymph node staging
M. Friebe, M. Horn, T. Wendler, S. Paepke, E. Klein

An image-guidance system for vascular malformation treatment: Concept, design and evaluation on a patient-specific phantom
M. Schwalbe, C. Hansen, H. Lu, S. Weber

AngioPlan: a software assistant to support the treatment of arterio-venous malformations
A. Meyer, A. Schnurr, M. Schwalbe, S. Weber, C. Hansen

CARS 2015

Christian Hansen, Michael Friebe, Andrè Mewes, Cyrill von Thiesenhausen (KUKA), and Thomas Hoffmann