Lecture: Computer-Assisted Surgery


Tuesdays, 9.15-10.45 am via Zoom: https://ovgu.zoom.us/j/2298871745

LecturerProf. Dr. Christian Hansen
Major CV(B/M), IF(B/M), INGIF(B/M), WIF(B/M), MSE (M)

Computer-assisted surgery is an interdisciplinary research field that builds a bridge between surgery and computer science. It represents a set of methods which use computer technology to support preoperative planning, the actual surgery, and postoperative assessment.

This lecture will offer an overview of computer-assisted surgery. After an introduction of fundamentals, the state of the art in computer-assisted surgery is presented on the basis of clinical examples. Following topics are adressed:


Introduction ppt
Surgical Imaging I ppt
Surgical Imaging II ppt
Surgical Visualization ppt
Surgery Planning I ppt
Surgery Planning II ppt
Tracking and Navigation Systems I ppt
Tracking and Navigation Systems II ppt
Tracking and Navigation Systems III ppt
Surgeon-Computer Interaction I ppt
Surgeon-Computer Interaction II


There is a seminar in addition to the lecture. The number of participants is limited. A registration via LSF is required.



Successful participation of the seminar is necessary for the admission to the oral examination. For the exam preperation, a list of possible questions is provided.